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How to Throw the Perfect Barkday Party!

Our dogs deserve the best, don't you agree? We have been throwing parties at our shop now for over 4 years and we've compiled our favorite tips and tricks to make your next pawty a success!

dog carrot cake with peanut butter icing

Step 1: Send out the evites! Choose a day and time that your dog is usually relaxed and ready to party. Make sure you include any vaccination requirements you have on your invitations (we recommend rabies and kennel cough). Also, ask your dog friends if they have any food allergies so you can plan the menu accordingly!

Step 2: Get to planning! Decide how hands on or hands off you want to be. We highly recommend buying premade treats from your local dog bakery as they know how to work around food allergies and they can customize them to your dog! When planning your people food, make sure you steer clear of chocolate, grapes, raisins and onion in case the pups accidentally eat it. For decorations, Pinterest has some great recommendations! Be careful when using balloons; be sure to place them out of reach of dogs. 

Step 3: Prepping the party! Be sure to supply lots of clean drinking water and have clean up supplies handy for unexpected accidents. Also, be sure to set up the table to clearly show which are human treats and which are dog treats- always place at the back of the table to keep safe from counter surfers! 

Step 4: Party time! As each dog arrives, allow for slow introductions with pet parents always present. Once the dogs are acquanted, you may let them play in an inclosed area. Save treats and cake for the end of the party to avoid excitement induced accidents! When dishing out cake, always have each pet parent hold their dog in place to eat. There's always a dog who, if loose, will go around and eat everyone's cake! Send the party pups home with any uneaten treats and cake.